Features of Sir Walter turf

A beautiful lawn with bright green grass is a lovely sight to look at.  There are certain grass cultivators who can assist in developing and maintaining a good quality turf.  If you want a beautiful lawn, you can opt for Sir Walter turf as it makes an excellent quality grass grown by professional experts.

There can be different types of lawns based on the kind of grass that is required to grow.  While some grasses grow in a hot and tropical climate, there are other types of grasses that grow in cold weather.  To preserve the lawn in all seasons, it is advisable to grow a mixed variety of grass.

Sir Walter lawn turf is a completely Australian turf that is capable of accommodating itself according to the seasonal changes.  The kind of grass that these experts grow requires low maintenance and is also long lasting.  Though it is soft, it does not wear away easily and retains its gorgeous green color even through extreme winter conditions.  Sir Walter turf is tolerant to drought.  Their turf is one of the best turfs cultivated in Australia.


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